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Welcome to the Murder Map...

Hello and welcome to Prash's Murder Map! I'm your host Prash, and today I invite you to join me on a bone chilling journey through space and time to visit some of the most enigmatic murder sites in the world...

Victorian England, the American West, wartime Germany, 1960's Finland, poisoners, stranglers and locked room mysteries; the list goes on.

I've been fascinated by crime since I can remember. While my friends at school were reading comics, I was the strange child with my nose stuck in a Jack the Ripper book I stumbled across at the library. Over the last few years I've been listening to many of the amazing True Crime podcasts out there, which have inspired me to start my own and I have a hunger to uncover the truth about every single case.

So what makes my podcast unique?

I don't stick to just one country and you'll hear about murders all across the globe. I won't just present cases; I'll also analyze them. Every case has a context and a backdrop which can help to explain "WHY?" so you'll get a sprinkling of psychology, history and sometimes even (non-boring) politics! And I just can't leave a case unsolved, so I always aim to end with an answer, even if its just one of many possible solutions...

Homegrown production with music and voices

Without a team behind me, production is hard work but extremely rewarding. I do the research, write the scripts, edit and produce the end result, with some help from my wife along the way. I have already collaborated with some incredible voice talent for certain episodes, and if you listen carefully, you might even get to hear a few of my own attempts at various accents (but I won't give up the day job.) I also have some unique 'hooks' at the beginning of each episode including the occasional original poem or song to set the scene. Sound effects help to create an immersive experience for the listener.

And as for me?

Other than being an armchair detective, another big hobby of mine is film so listen out for the odd movie recommendation. I'm planning on creating some bonus content on Patreon which will include discussions on some of the best films about murder: my favourite Italian master of cinematography, director Dario Argento will definitely feature.

In part, I can thank a spinal condition for pushing me into starting this podcast. I'd been wanting to take the step for a while but it was this illness which made me re-think what matters in life and what I really wanted to do. It's a denegerative disc condition which has been causing me neck, arm and shoulder pain and I've been learning to live with it over the last couple of years. It limits how long I can spend at a desk, so you might think it would have stopped me going for my podcast goal but conversely, it actually made me all the more determined.

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do - John Wooden

Thank you for joining me on the Prash's Murder Map journey; I look forward to developing and growing the show!

Watch this space for more website content in the near future.

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